Growing Mediums - Straw Bale (small square)

Growing Mediums - Straw Bale (small square)

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Straw works great for Wine Cap and Blue Oysters!  Also use for mulch in your annual garden (can often reuse for a few years).

Bales are 36" x 18" x 14".

This is straw that was baled fall 2020.  From a certified organic farm.

Note: since this is certified organic straw, it has viable seeds.  If used in a garden the straw will sprout!  Ensure you remove the sprouts.  After using the straw for more than a year, this should not be a problem.

Pickup available at Akesi Farms/Fungi Akuafo only...  Located near Sundre, Alberta about 1.5 hours from Calgary or Red Deer.

NOTE: That's a warp!  Until 2023...