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Sawdust Spawn - Blue Oyster (~1.5kg) - Plastic Bag

Sawdust Spawn - Blue Oyster (~1.5kg) - Plastic Bag

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Blue Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus spp.) is a fast-growing mushroom with deep blue pins that fade to a pale smoky gray as the mushrooms mature.  Blue oyster is perfect for beginners as it is easy to grow and identify.

This cultivar grows well outdoors under dappled light at cooler temperatures.  

Blue Oyster sawdust spawn can be used to inoculate mushroom beds, log stacks or buckets.  Blue oysters grow well on straw and hardwood trees alike.

Caution: Before you eat your harvested mushrooms, be sure to positively ID them as Blue Oyster.

Pre-order for 2024!


All our sawdust spawn is handmade in our lab using our own grain spawn and a blend of Canadian sourced hardwood pellets, locally sourced hardwood sawdust, bran, and gypsum.

We make sawdust spawn to order on a seasonal basis to align with the Canadian outdoor growing season. You can pre-order your spawn by selecting which month (March, April, May, June) you would like it shipped via Canada Post or ready for pickup at the farm or in Calgary.


We recommend using oyster sawdust spawn to inoculate:

Mushroom Beds using straw and/or hardwood chips as substrate and the ‘lasagna bed’ layering technique. A 1.5kg bag of sawdust spawn will inoculate an approximately 1 square meter bed. Click here to learn how to make a mushroom bed.

Log Stacks using hardwood logs and the ‘stack’ technique. One 1.5kg bag of sawdust spawn will inoculate approximately 5 log stacks. Click here to learn how to build a log stack.


If you are new to growing, we highly recommend you take a workshop or buy a book on mushroom cultivation.

Care information

If you do not plan to use your spawn immediately, store it in a clean, undisturbed corner of your fridge for up to 8 weeks.

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