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Grain Spawn - Blue Oyster (1kg) - Plastic Bag

Grain Spawn - Blue Oyster (1kg) - Plastic Bag

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Beginner skillIndoor growingBucket or filter bag
  • Product may not ship for up to 4 weeks.
  • Mushrooms do not fruit from grain spawn.  Grain spawn needs to be added to a bulk substrate to fruit.

Species Profile

Blue Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus spp.) is a fast-growing mushroom with deep blue pins that fade to a pale smoky gray as the mushrooms mature.

This cultivar grows well on a variety of substrates making it perfect for beginner and experienced growers alike.

Blue Oysters are a reliable producer that can yield good first and second flushes. Although they will grow at room temperature, they do perform best at cooler temperatures (10C to 18C).


Our 1kg bags of grain spawn are grown using mycelium cultures in our lab. We use sterilized organic rye grain sourced from the Canadian prairies through Grainworks. We make your spawn to order.

We incubate your freshly made spawn between 2-4 weeks to ensure it is strong and healthy. We then ship via Canada Post or notify you for pickup.


Grain spawn must be mixed
with a bulk substrate to fruit mushrooms.

We recommend:

Beginner growers: Use oyster mushroom grain spawn to inoculate
pasteurized substrates such as straw, hardwood sawdust or coffee grounds in filter bags and small buckets (<1 gallon). At a 10% inoculation rate, 1 bag of grain spawn (1kg) will inoculate about 5 1-gallon buckets with pastuerized substrate.

Experienced growers: Use this spawn to inoculate sterilized nutrified sawdust in filter bags. At a 10% inoculation rate, 1 bag of grain spawn (1kg) will inoculate about 10 to 12 14A Unicorn filter bags of sterilized substrate.


If you are new to growing, we highly recommend you take a workshop or buy a book on mushroom cultivation.

Care information

If you do not plan to use your spawn immediately, store it in a clean, undisturbed corner of your fridge for up to 6 weeks.

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