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Growing Mediums - Chopped Straw (1 bag)

Growing Mediums - Chopped Straw (1 bag)

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This straw has been sourced from a local Alberta family grain farm.

Chopped straw can be used:

  • as a garden mulch
  • for growing mushrooms outdoors
  • for growing mushrooms in bags

Considerations: our straw has not been treated, thus has viable seeds, and if used for outdoor mushroom projects will start to sprout oats. If this occurs, simply pull out the young green sprouts as they emerge.

Available via pickup at the farm (Akesi Farms/Fungi Akuafo) near Sundre, Alberta.

This is sold by the bag.


Straw is chopped and stored in upcycled feed bags.

This certified organic oat straw was baled in the fall of 2022 on a local Alberta Farm.


We recommend using straw for:

Mushroom Beds inoculated with sawdust spawn (Wine Cap, Shaggy Mane, Blue Oyster, or Pearl Oysters). Click here to learn how to make a mushroom bed.

Indoor oyster mushroom cultivation inoculated with grain spawn (blue oyster, pearl oyster, garden oyster, or yellow oyster). When using straw to grow oyster mushrooms in filter bags or buckets, the straw needs to be pasteurized.

In addition, straw can be used for mulch in your annual garden beds and can often be reused for a few years.


If you are new to growing, we highly recommend you take a workshop or buy a book on mushroom cultivation.

Care information

Straw will store for years if kept under cover and dry.

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