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Growing Mediums - Wood Chips

Growing Mediums - Wood Chips

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Hardwood chips are a popular substrate for outdoor mushroom cultivation projects (Wine Cap, Blue Oyster, Pearl Oyster, Shaggy Mane). Our woodchips, sourced from a local arborist, are sold in up-cycled chicken feed bags (from our farm).

We recommend 3 bags of woodchips for every 1.5kg bag of sawdust spawn.

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Hardwood chips locally harvested in winter/early spring and stored in up-cycled chicken feed bags.


We recommend using wood chips for:

Mushroom Beds inoculated with sawdust spawn (Wine Cap, Shaggy Mane, Blue Oyster, or Pearl Oysters). Click here to learn how to make a mushroom bed.

Outdoor Woodchips Pathways inoculated with Wine Cap sawdust spawn.

Outdoor Mushroom Buckets inoculated with oyster mushroom grain spawn (blue oyster, pearl oyster, garden oyster, yellow oyster).


If you are new to growing, we highly recommend you take a workshop or buy a book on mushroom cultivation.

Care information

Woodchips will start to decompose immediately. We recommend you use them as soon as possible, within a week of purchase.

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