Introductory Series Workshop - Akesi Farms - 2020 June 27 (Saturday) 3 Hours - Growing edible mushrooms in your home

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In this workshop, you will learn:

  • The life cycle & ecology of common edible fungi species to grow in your home
  • An overview of the cultivation process
  • How to decide which species to grow
  • The equipment and techniques to create the right conditions to grow mushrooms:

Your course fee includes:

  • 3hr lecture on growing mushrooms in your home
  • A 20% Off Coupon for a sawdust spawn order
  • A link to course material and instructions

Start time 1PM

Location: Akesi Farms

Please dress for the weather!  This workshop is outside.

Spawn will be available for sale after the workshop! Other products from nearby farms will also be for sale depending on availability.

(*Note date change!  Workshop is not on June 27th, 2020)